7 Sins, 11 Tracks, 1 Vice Mix

How and why I haven’t posted this eons ago is among the many questions I asked myself while trying to sleep for 3 hours last night.  Crunch time today.  This mix has helped me through many a tough time.  Check out his Sketches EP as well - a great one.

Do yourself a favor: click, cruise and question below. You won’t be disappointed.

1. Bjork – Hidden Sphere (Illum Sphere Remix)
2. Gold Panda – Snow and Taxis
3. Blawan – Bohla
3. Usher – Nice And Slow (Bad Autopsy Remix)
4. Jamie xx & Fantastic Mr Fox – untitled
5. Fantastic Mr Fox – Evelyn
6. Julio Bashmore – Battle For Middle You
7. Jamie xx – Far Nearer
8. SX – Bricks
9. Sepalcure – Fleur
10. Airhead – Black Ink
11. Unknown – Transmission

Download ‘Fantastic Mr Fox – Vice Mix’ > here


Post-Genre Audiotech

When I heard that “Chillwave” was a genre, music categorization became dead to me.  It seemed that any pre-post-core-funk-wave-tech tune that popped up would get its new self-defining stamp.  

Maybe I’m just jealous I don’t have my own sub-obscure genre to brand my band with. (Subcore anyone?)  In any case, it’s no surprise I’d (I now shamefully admit) roll my eyes upon seeing this Post-Dubstep mix.  

Well, rewind and repeat because this mix (and the blog generally) are well worth your earospace.  With an all-star line-up that would even make the Miami Heat blush, this mix has all the a.fé favorites:  James Blake, Jamie xx, Mount Kimbie, Burial, Fantastic Mr. Fox and Deadboy.  So it’s time for me to stop hating and for you to turn this up.  Hardcore.  

Post-Dubstep: An Introduction by Krnlya on Mixcloud

Thx to fellow tumbloggers Post-Dubstep