Powder Music

Whenever I told people I was moving to Chicago, the first reaction was almost always about the killer cold.  I shrugged it off, how much worse could it be than Berlin?  ”No, you don’t understand - your face hurts and you want to cry."  

Last winter in Technotown was both rough and tough, with my shoes not touching sidewalk for three months thanks to serious ice.  I’m stuggling to see how it could get worse, (I’m sure I’ll find out very quickly).  Before my face goes under attack, I’m gonna enjoy the first flurries of snow, get my snowball game up to scratch, and get cozy with some great winter tracks.

To kick things off, meet Sonolmoss. An electronic artist from LA who’s been between Paris and Boston in recent years, his début album Imaginetically hits the spot.  

Start with this track, Cut Sunday Snow and help yourself to free refills (with two other tracks) if your fancy has been tickled.

a.fé - re.túned

I was elected to lead, not to read." - A. Schwarzenegger, Simpsons

WARNING: Body paint (ie. breasticles) appears in the video.
Street-smart screening suggested

Sure, I wasn’t elected at all (that said, I do hope you went out and voted if you care about those who are), but by the powers invested in me by the Tumblr Kingdom and the Wide World of Web, I have made an executive decision to ham up the music side of this blog.  And this video is a darn good place to start.  

A great song by the Young Turks' Catalan comrade, El Guincho, and fantastic video by Nicolás Mendez, which is part of a larger film project based on the album. Beautifully shot and cut images complement a dreamy and pulsating track smoothly and intriguingly.  

Two references come to mind.  Visually, and this is probably because I like it but have trouble putting my finger on why, some of Mendez’s shots remind me of Antonioni’s classic, Blow Up.  Also, the steel drums echo the sounds used all over Pantha du Prince's newest album, Black Noise, and that’s a very good thing.  

The more I watch, the more I want to listen — and vice versa. To me, that’s the sign of a sweet audio-visual collaboration.  So with that, dance, dream and undress to both these songs. That’s an order.